How to be comfortable with being an introvert (or extropvert)

We are often subjected to a strange struggle between introversion and extroversion. " Who am I? What's better? I can be

We ask these questions, because we really want to understand ourselves (many of us are not)

We cling to these labels to achieve self-realization. But in doing so, we actually create a kpon of debilising misconceptions about introversion and extroversion, which misexplained how our minds work. And it's a huge failure

Let me tell you something: perhaps the hard facts are not what you think. In fact, they're far more optimistic than you think

But before we get into this, you need to know what it is

The most common misconception about introverts and extroverts is how they interact with those around them. Does it mean that you're talking about sweaty palms and social anxiety? Do you really like to read? Boom. You're an Int. Here's your pass: a set of reading glasses

Are you widely known as a party? You talk too much? You have lots and lots

" Are you sure you want to read? Boom. You're an Int. Here's your mark of honor: a set of reading glasses. "

For some of these stereotypes, they have a share of the truth. However, they are used less frequently than everyone thinks. There is a much more consistent and precise explanation of how the inverts and extroverts are usually

All right, here: let' s estimate that you're an invert or an extranet. I'm not going to be a quiz for you, who question your social experience, I don't doubt your skill, and I will not ask you if you're having your Friday evening parties, studies, or knitting. The Introversion and the extroversion can be defined by one simple question

Yes, I do. That's fair. All I need to know is how you recharge your hypothetical human batteries. And I'll explain why

Introverts will add its energy banks, spending time alone. The bank runs out after interacting with people for a long period of time. On the other hand, extroverts receive energy from other people-they have lower levels of energy when they have spent a long period of time

Everything else that comes with introverted or extroverted is based on one thing. I'm the first to admit that you can't identify your identity with labels and tests. You can use terms such as "introversion" and "extroversion" so that you don't have to describe yourself, but to understand how you can be the most productive, loving, loving life

Not only should you be aware of your own levels of introduction and extroversion, but also other users. It's one of the gold keys to cultivate an amazing friendship

Some of them are unary from the endless intros, because they assume that introversion is a synonym for lack of social skills, but nothing can be further from the truth. For the intovert, just keep it up, it's just refreshing. You know, like a Sunday afternoon nap or a glass of lemon water. And the Intra

"You not only need to be aware of your own levels of introduction and extroversion, but also other users."

In the case of an extrovert, suddenly, with a stranger in an elevator or with a pleasant surprise, to familiarize them with the holiday shading in the common paradise; they provide an expanded opportunity to recharge themselves after what could have been a busy day in another case. After a training session or a solo CD on the road, extroverts will need to supplement their energy banks by spending time with others. Friends who recognize their independence and do not pay attention to them (the lot) are priceless

"But the Lgota, you are eckles." Both of these paragraphs describe me. What's that supposed to mean? I'm a foreigner? "

-Sing. If you are wondering why you are not sitting in any of the categories, there is a strong chance that you are an ambitious, one from the poles of introversion and extroversion

Since two types of individuals are not black and white, it is natural that some of us lie between them. It shows the range of both the ampliths and the extended traits, the ambiverts, the price, and the energy from interacting with people. However, after a long period of time, they need to be able to recharge their time and loneliness

Introverts, extroverts, and ambuvierts are valuable in their own way, but very rarely-if not impossible-for someone to be 100% closed or extverted. They have unique, individual qualities that make them who they are. When we can understand who we are and how we behave, we are more likely to understand others; for that reason, being in harmony with itself, it is so important. After all, if neither of us is on the same page, how the hell are we supposed to be connected to each other?

No matter what you identify, you know yourself and try to get to know others. There's nothing good about being in conflict with others because of some difference. We know ourselves, we can adapt to even our most polar opposers and create harmonious, respectful relations with them. This will create much less turbulence in the world, and we will all be better for it

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