This is what really happy when the teacher go on strike

When students receive them of their salaries, they expect education in exchange. But that's not what's happening at Nippsing University

As of November 2, 2015

To put it simply, the three key issues that are currently shared by the administration and the administration are: fair pay, acdemic management and job security. Not yet

"Students are often proud of their own schools, but the strike can become a real."

But what impact does the strike have on him? Those who are drowning in school in other universities may perceive them as emanation, but the reality is not as much as it is. The conferences are not only students, but all students are right to be educated

Students, this is what happened when your professors are bazaar:

1. Onset of Panic

Facebook is an excellent tool for creating complete and universal panic. As our future becomes increasly uncetertan, students turn to the social media to express their opinion in the world case screenario (some of them may be quite possible), leaving us many questions and cons. The students at their place of residence, that leaves expire at the end of April, are considered about the possibility of extending the term left without a a place of residence. Students grant from training are considered that they can apply for post-graduate studies without an adjustment of their profiles. This is not an exclusive list

Most of the students are too with home, work and conditions to pay particular attention to university policy. However, with the onset of the strike, students are suldently forced to move through the complex political structure of their institution and to decide where they are on related to the strike. This is information sent to us by the achers and the administration, it will only strenghten our Puanita, and this makes it extraarly difficult to understand what facts and where we stand in the midof of chaos

When the strikes occur, all the assemblies of the Routine have been thrown. Without structure, it is difficult for students to remain moderated and productive. It's 8:30 in the morning. Hey, I'm just going to sleep! But you're going to have your eyes open and realize that three weeks have passed without any performance, and that puts you at a disadvantage

"When there is a strike, all the assemblies of the routine have been thrown."

If most students are missing in their lives,

The time lost due to the strike not only provides financial, but also academic activities. When it resumes, it is likely that the rest of this semester will be very compressed, which means that our training (and perhaps our estimates) will be made

Students are often proud of their own schools, but the strike can quite turn these feelings into real. A student who usually loves his school can quite lose confidence in his ability to execute really responsible and fair institutions. Unfortunatly, many students decide to move schools instead of taking the block

Since many believe that many feel abandoned and decided in strikes by both units and government, students tend to assert their right to education. Written letters, the signing of pegs and sedentary seats are just a fine ways in which Niparissing students are ready to receive an education. In our student union, NUSU is published

As the strike continues, students are taking a more active role in bringing the conflict into conflict. In such batts, as it is, it is important for students to be heard-although we understand that labour discards are going on, we cannot sit down while our education is still not given due weight

As long as we cannot be in the classroom during strikes, it is important to keep reading and assignments in the best of our abilities. This will be our biggest advantage when the school receive. While the impact on studies is Negative, it is important to remain hopeful that testers will soon work and believe that everything will work

"While we understand that labor disorders are going on, we cannot sit on our heads while our education rews unaddressed."

In the case of a suit, a telling staff and an administrative meeting, a meeting will be held to hold a research meeting. "

If you would like to show your support for Nike studs and support our right to education, please wait, a right of your time to sign this

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